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  1. Genuine Tonda Trank Bracket - 731138 GHS Part no. TN731138
    £2.69 £2.24
  2. Genuine Echo Ring - V583000340 GHS Part no. ECV583000340
    £10.22 £8.52
  3. Genuine GGP Bumper Rear (Grey) - 1134-5453-02 GHS Part no. MO1134-5453-02
    £147.60 £123.00
  4. 4147 007 1017 Genuine Stihl Guard For Metal Tool - 305mm GHS Part no. ST4147 007 1017
    £38.40 £32.00
  5. Genuine Kawasaki Throttle Cable - 540122323 GHS Part no. KA54012-2323
    £8.03 £6.69
  6. 583 87 19 01 Genuine Husqvarna Housing Assembly GHS Part no. HV583 87 19-01
    £42.00 £35.00
  7. 157.0.620 Genuine Belle Aluminium Profile - 2m GHS Part no. BE157.0.620
    £414.83 £345.69
  8. 581 73 35 01 Genuine Husqvarna Rear Axle GHS Part no. HV581 73 35-01
    £78.00 £65.00

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L&S Engineers was formed in 1971 by Wyn Lees and Alan Shaw and operated from a small garage rented from the Coal Board. Originally a small engineering firm, making custom fabrications, water pump strainers and starting handles, the business supplied local customers and sub contracted to larger companies based in the West Midlands.

The business outgrew the original premises and relocated to a larger unit in the mid 70's, where it continued to undertake a variety of fabrication and machinery work for the construction, plant hire, quarrying and engineering industries. Around this time, the company started to supply a small number of engine and small plant spares to its existing customers.

The spares side continued to grow and in the 80's, the business started a van delivery service which supplied spare parts and consumables to businesses all around the UK. The vans would be loaded to the limit and driven all over the country where customers would queue eagerly sometimes filling wheelbarrows with cheap parts from the North!

The engineering side of the business was sold off in 1988 to concentrate on the booming spares business and in December 2015 the company moved into a brand new warehouse and office building in Brownhills, just outside Walsall.