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We realise that our customers don't think about spares for their mower every day – but we do, so tell us what you're looking for. Just email us a photo of your mower etc or a faulty part and we'll do our best to identify what you've got.

Maybe you're not sure exactly what you want or how to find it?

Lots of our customers need a little help or expert guidance from our hugely experienced staff who aren't just here to help, they're able to help. There aren't many questions they haven't heard before.

Use the form on this page to send us as many details as possible to help us identify your part.

For more general enquiries, please email us at [email protected]

Expert help in identifying your required parts

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Step 1Step 1
Step 1: Take a photo of the Machine.
Step 3Step 3
Step 3: Take a photo of the part in question. This is the best way to identify the part without ID plates.
Step 5: For Honda Engines we will need the Model Code (GJAFE) & Serial Number (1234567) from the block.
Step 2Step 2
Step 2: Take a photo of the ID Plate. This is the best way to identify what you need.
Step 4Step 4
Step 4: Take a photo from all sides. This is the best way to identify the part without ID plates.
Step 6: For Briggs engines these are the three main locations for the engine model numbers. If the model number on your Briggs & Stratton engine is only 9 characters, please enter a 0 (zero) at the beginning of the model number.

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