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08S Parts

1 - 2mm Line - Green

1/2 Orbital Sanding Sheets

1/3 Orbital Sanding Sheets

1/4 Orbital Sanding Sheets

110 Volt Cable Reels

110 Volt Fittings

110 Volt Trailing / Extension Leads

125-152mm Circular Saw Blades

155-173mm Circular Saw Blades

180-190mm Circular Saw Blades

2 - 2.4mm Line - Orange

2.4 - 2.7mm Line - Red

2.8 - 3.3mm Line - Black

200-216mm Circular Saw Blades

230-235mm Circular Saw Blades

240 Volt Cable Reels

240 Volt Plugs & Sockets

240 Volt Trailing & Extension Leads

250-260mm Circular Saw Blades

3.5mm & Larger Line

300-400mm Circular Saw Blades

3mm Line - Yellow

A-Section Belts

A101 HSS Left Hand Spiral Jobber Drill

A108 Quick Spiral for Stainless Steel

A110 Long Series Drills

A120 HSS Stub Drills

A125 Extra Length Drills

A130 Morse Taper Shank Drills

A170 Parallel Shank Drills

A200 & A225 Centre Drills - HSS

Acid Cans

Adaptors UREA

Adhesive Cleaners

Adhesive Products

Adjustable Wrench Spares

Adjustable Wrenches


Aercrete Fixings

Air Filter

Air Filter Gaskets

Air Filter, Shroud

Air Filters

Alko Belts

Alko Blades

Alko Parts

All Purpose Saws

Alligator & Scorpion Saw Blades

Alpina Blades

Alpina Parts

Aluminium Cases

Aluminium Hammers

Angle & Corner Clamps

Angle Drills

Angle Drills - Cordless

Angle Grinder Accessories

Angle Grinder Pads

Angle Grinders - 115mm Disc

Angle Grinders - 125mm Disc

Angle Grinders - 180mm Disc

Angle Grinders - 230mm Disc

Angle Grinders - Cordless

Angle Levels

Annular Ring Nails

Anti-Slip Tape

Anti-Vibration Rubbers

Anti-Vibration Springs

Aralditeᆴ & Epoxy Adhesives

ARC Welding Equipment

Assortment Kits

Assortment Kits

Atco Qualcast Suffolk Bearings

Atco, Qualcast & Suffolk Air Filters

Atco, Qualcast & Suffolk Cables

Atco, Qualcast, Bosch Belts

Atco, Qualcast, Suffolk & Webb

Atco/ Qualcast/ Suffolk Carburettors

Atco/ Qualcast/ Suffolk Recoil Pulleys

Atco/ Qualcast/ Suffolk Recoil Spring

Atco/ Qualcast/ Suffolk Service Kits

Atlas Copco Air Filters

Atlas Copco Bearings

Atlas Copco Cables

Atlas Copco Carburettors

Atlas Copco Cylinder Assemblies

Atlas Copco Ignition Coils

Atlas Copco Parts

Atlas Copco Primer Bulbs

Atlas Copco Recoil Assemblies

Atlas Copco Recoil Springs

Auger Bits

Auto Adjustable Wrenches

Automatic Watering & Micro Irrigation

Automotive Spray Paint

Axe Handles

B-Section Belts

Back Box Cutters

Back Lapping Pastes & Accessories

Backing Pads

Bahco Holesaws & Arbors

Bahco Screwdrivers

Ball Pein Hammers

Band Clamps


Bandsaws - Accessories & Blades

Batteries & Chargers

Batteries - Alkaline

Battery Chargers & Jump Leads

Battery Testers

Baypole Screws


Bear Grylls Survival Series

Belle Bearings

Belle Belts

Belle Service Kits

Belle Wheel

Belt & Disc Sander

Belt Sanders


Bench & Universal Grinders

Bench Counter Measures

Bench Drills

Bench Hooks

Bent Nose Pliers

Best Sellers

Biscuit Jointers

Biscuit Jointers - Accessories & Blades

Bits & Holders - Bahco

Bits & Holders - Blue Spot

Bits & Holders - Britool

Bits & Holders - DEWALT & Black & Decker

Bits & Holders - Faithfull

Bits & Holders - Forgefix

Bits & Holders - Irwin

Bits & Holders - Metabo

Bits & Holders - Milwaukee

Bits & Holders - Stanley

Black & Decker Batteries & Chargers

Black & Decker Blades

Black & Decker Sets

Black & Decker Wizard Accessories

Black & Decker, Bluespot and Boa Holesaws

Blackboard / Chalkboard Paints & Sprays

Blacksmith Drills

Blade & Adaptor Bolts

Blade Bolts

Blade Mandrel Bolts

Blade Spacers


Blades for Cordless Saws

Blanking Plugs


Blowers & Mulching Vacs

Blu Tack

Blue Spot Screwdrivers

Bonding Agents & Admixes

Border Forks

Border Spades


Bosch Blades

Bottom Blades

Bowsaws & Blades

Box of 10 - Spark Plugs

Box of 50 - Spark Plugs

Boxes/ Cases Of Oil


Brad Nailers & Pinners


Brake Caliper Brushes

Brick & Masons Lines

Brick & Mortar Hammers

Brick & Stone Treatment

Brick Hods

Brick Jointers & Rakers

Brick Trowels - London Pattern

Brick Trowels - Philadelphia Pattern

Brick Trowels - Wide London Pattern

Briggs & Stratton Air Filters

Briggs & Stratton Carburettor Repair Kit

Briggs & Stratton Carburettors

Briggs & Stratton Diaphragms & Gaskets

Briggs & Stratton Fuel Caps

Briggs & Stratton Fuel Filters

Briggs & Stratton Fuel Tanks

Briggs & Stratton Ignition Coils

Briggs & Stratton Oil Filters

Briggs & Stratton Oils

Briggs & Stratton Piston Rings

Briggs & Stratton Primer Bulbs

Briggs & Stratton Recoil Assemblies

Briggs & Stratton Recoil Handles

Briggs & Stratton Recoil Handles

Briggs & Stratton Recoil Pawls

Briggs & Stratton Recoil Pulleys

Briggs & Stratton Recoil Springs

Briggs & Stratton Service Kits

Briggs & Stratton Spark Plugs

Britool Screwdrivers

Broom Accessories

Broom Handles

Broom Heads Only

Brooms with Handles


Brushcutter & Strimmer Parts

Brushcutter Bladed Heads

Brushcutter Blades

Brushcutter Cutting Heads

Brushcutter Grease

Brushcutter Guards

Brushes, Chamois & Sponges

Bucket Trowels


Buffing & Polishing Foams


Bulbs & Accessories

Bungee Cords


C V Grease

Cabinet Scrapers

Cable Accessories

Cable Clips

Cable Cutters & Shears

Cable Knives

Cable Staplers

Cable Ties

Cables & Accessories

Cage Traps

Camon Parts

Camping Stoves & Lanterns


Caps & Hats

Car Jacks & Trolleys



Carburettor Gaskets

Carburettor Needles

Carburettor Tools

Carburettors & Parts

Carburettors & Parts

Carcass Screws

Carpenters Pencils & Crayons

Carriage Bolts

Cast Arm, Clutch

Castel Garden Air Filters

Castel Garden Bearings

Castel Garden Belts

Castel Garden Clutches

Castel Garden Parts

Castel Garden, Champion Etc Cables

Castel Garden/ Lawnking/ Sovereign/ Twincut Blades

Cat & Dog Control

Cavity Wall Fixings

Cement & Concrete Trowels

Cement Edgers

Centre & Edge Finding Sets

Centrifugal Clutch

Chain Adjuster

Chain Brake Cover

Chain Sharpening Equipment

Chainsaw & Garden Safety

Chainsaw Bar & Chain Combos

Chainsaw Chain Joining Links

Chainsaw Parts

Chainsaw Protective Clothing

Chainsaw Sprockets

Chainsaw Tools & Equipment


Chalk Line Reels

Chalk Lines

Chalk Powder

Champion Spark Plugs

Chargers for Rechargable Batteries

Chemical Fixings

Chinese Fuel Filters

Chinese Machine Carburettors

Chinese Machine Fuel Caps

Chinese Model Fuel Tanks

Chinese Recoil Assemblies

Chinese Recoil Pawls

Chinese Recoil Springs

Chisel, Bit & Tool Rolls

Chop & Cut Off Saws

Chucks & Chuck Keys

Churn Brush

Circuit Breaker Lockouts

Circuit Breakers

Circular & Trim Saws - Cordless

Circular Saws

Cladding Nails & Pins

Clamp Heads

Classic Tool Kits

Cleaning Products

Cleaning Wipes

Clear Grease

Clearance OEM Items

Clearance Shop Soiled

Clearance Stock

Clothes Lines & Rotary Dryers

Clout Nails

Club Hammers

Clutch Parts

Clutch, Handlebar

Coach Screws

Cobra Cables

Coil Nailer & Nails

Combination Cable & Bike Locks

Combination Ladders

Combination Pliers

Combination Squares & Sets

Combination, Protractor & Depth Gauges

Compass Saws


Concrete & Masonry Saws

Concrete Block Finish Nailer

Concretors Nippers & Cutters

CONECUTᆴ Sheet & Tube Drills

Connector, Guard

Contact Adhesives

Coping Saws & Spare Blades

Copper & Hide Hammers

Copper Grease

Copydex Adhesives

Cordless Caulking Guns

Cordless Grease Guns

Cordless Kits

Cordless Lighting

Cordless Radios

Core Drill Accessories

Corner Trowels

Countax & Westwood Belts

Countax Westwood Bearings

Countax/ Westwood Blades

Countersink (For Routers)

Countersink Bits

Cover Caps

Coveralls & Bib / Brace

Coving Adhesive

Craft Knives & Blades



Crankcase/ Sump Gaskets

Crankshaft Seals

Crimping Pliers

Cupboard Catches, Knobs, Hooks

Cut Clasp Nails

Cutting Discs & Diamond Blades

Cutting Gauges

Cutting Head Parts

Cutting Lines

Cylinder & Piston Assemblies

Cylinder, Muffler

Cylinder/ Head Gaskets

D I Y Brand Belts

Damp Detectors & Testers


De-burring Tools

Deadblow Hammers

Decking Oils, Stains, Paints & Cleaning

Decorating Kits

Decorating Sundries

Decorative Paints

Decorative Sprays

Decorators Caulk

Decorators Fillers


Dehumidifiers & Moisture Absorbers

Detail & Multi Sanders

DEWALT Batteries & Chargers

DEWALT Holesaws & Arbors

DEWALT Mixed Sets

DEWALT Sabre Blades

DEWALT Safety Footwear

Diagonal & Side Cutting Pliers

Dial Indicators

Diamond Core Drills

Diamond Discs - Abrasive Materials

Diamond Discs - Hard & Universal Cutting

Diamond Discs - Mortar Raking

Diamond Discs - Tile Cutting

Diamond Drills, Tile & Glass Drills


Dickies Safety Footwear

Digger Bucket Pins

Digging Forks

Digging Spades

Digital & Infrared Thermometers

Disc Cutter Parts

Disston Holesaws & Arbors

Dividers - Spring

DIY Brand Blades

DIY Sanding & Polishing Kits

Dolmar & Makita Bearings

Dolmar Air Filters

Dolmar Parts

Door & Board Lifters

Door Bells

Door Chains, Bolts & Viewers

Door Closers & Exit Hardware

Door Handles

Door Knockers & Numerals

Door Letterboxes & Plates

Door Stops

Double Sided & Carpet Tapes

Double Tooth Belts

Double-sided Stepladders

Dovetail Jigs

Dovetail Saws


Dreadnought Files

Drill Bit Gauge

Drill Press Vices

Drive Belts

Drive Belts - Flymo

Drive Belts - Qualcast

Drums Of Oil

Drywall & Plasterboard Saws

Drywall Hammers

Drywall Screws

Dust & Chip Extraction

Dust Masks - FFP1 Protection

Dust Masks - FFP2 Protection

Dust Masks - FFP3 Protection

Dust Sheets & Dust Covers

Dusting Brushes

Dustpans & Brushes

Dyneema/ Unbreakable Starter Ropes

Dyneema/ Unbreakable Starter Ropes

Ear Defenders & Earplugs

Echo Air Filters

Echo Cables

Echo Carburettors

Echo Fuel Filters

Echo Parts

Edging Clamps

Edging Knives & Irons

Edging Shears

Einhell Batteries & Chargers

Electric Clutches

Electrical Parts

Electrical Plug Lockouts

Electricians Insulation Tape

Electro Magnetic Drills

Electronic Levels

Enamel Paints & Sprays

End Cutting Pliers & Carpenters Pincers

Energy Saving Halogen Tubes & Capsules

Energy Saving Lightbulbs

Engine Consumables & Fuel Products

Engine Parts

Engine Parts

Engineers Levels

Engineers Scrapers

Engineers Scribers

Engineers Squares

Engineers Straight Edges

Engineers Vices



Engravers & Points


ERGO Handsaw System

ES 460 (2019)


Etesia Blades

Exhaust & Radiator Repair

Exhaust Gaskets

Exhaust Mufflers

Expanding Filler Guns

Expanding Fillers & Foams

Expansive Bits

Extendable Box Levels

Extension Poles & Top Pruners


Eyelet Pliers & Eyelets

Facom Screwdrivers

Faithfull Holesaws & Arbors

Faithfull Padlocks

Faithfull Router Bits

Faithfull Sabre Saw Blades

Faithfull Screwdrivers

Fall Arrest Equipment & Lanyards

Feather Edges & Screeding Levels

Featured Promotions

Felling Axes

Felt Nails

Fencing & Twisting Pliers

File Handles

File Sanders

File Sanding Belts

File Sets

Filecard Brushes




Finish Nailers & Nails

Fire Cement

Fire Extinguishers

First Aid

First Aid Kits & Eye Wash

Fixing Bands

Fixing Plates & Braces

FIXT Products

Flash Friday Sale

Flashing Tape

Flat Bits

Flat Files

Flat Long & Snipe Nose Pliers


Flexi Head Socket Wrench

Flexible Shafts

Flipover Saws

Float Bowls & Parts

Floor & Wall Scrapers

Floor Squeegees

Floor, Tile & Masonry Paints

Floorboard - Laminate Saws

Flooring Adhesives

Flooring Clamps

Flooring Cleat Nailer & Nails

Flooring Trowels

Fluid Extractors

Flymo Belts

Flymo Blades

Flymo Fuel Caps

Flymo Wheels

Flywheels & Keys

Folding & Carpenters Squares

FOODLUBEᆴ Products

Forestry & Safety Kits


Frame & Window Fixings

Frame Sealants

Fret - Piercing Saws & Blades

Fuel & Oil Caps

Fuel Can Spouts

Fuel Cans

Fuel Cap

Fuel Filters

Fuel Parts

Fuel Pipe Clips

Fuel Pumps

Fuel System

Fuel Tank Grommets

Fuel Tanks & Parts

Fuel Taps

Fuel Treatments & Additives


Fused Spurs & DP Switches


G Clamps

Gaffer & Builders Tapes

Garage, Van & Trailer Locks

Garden & Household Pest Control

Garden Furniture Treatment

Garden Rakes

Garden Sprayers

Garden Twine

Gardening Knives


Gas & Battery Soldering Irons

Gas Detector

Gas Torch Kits & Accessories

Gas Welding & Cutting

Gas Welding Goggles & Shields

Gas, Vapour & Dust Masks

Gasket Sets


Gate Latches & Cabin Hooks

Gauges - Feeler

Gauges - Radius

Gauges - Screw Pitch

Gauges - Surface

Gauges - Telescopic

Gauges - Wire

Gauging Trowels

Gear Oils

Gearbox Gaskets

General Purpose Adhesives

General Purpose Screws

Generator parts


Genuine Belle Parts

Genuine GGP Parts

Genuine Honda Parts

Genuine Husqvarna Parts

Genuine Stihl Parts

Geologist Pick Hammers

Girder Levels

Glass & Mirror Adhesives

Glass Cleaner

Glass Lifters


Glassfibre Resin & Car Body Filler

Glazing & Roofing Sealants

Gloves & Hand Protection

Glue Guns

Glue Sticks

Grab & Nail Free Adhesives

Granite Drill Bits


Grease Guns

Grease Nipples & Plugs

Greenhouse Parts

Grinding Wheels & Wheel Dressers

Groover Trowels

Guide Bar Covers / Scabbard

Guide Bars

Guides & Collets

Guilding & Framing Creams

GXH50 Engine Parts

H.T Cables

Hacking Knives

Hacksaw Blades


Half Round Files

Hammer In Fixings

Hammer Tackers


Hand Axes

Hand Brushes

Hand Drills & Braces

Hand Files

Hand Forks & Trowels

Hand Mitre Saws

Hand Tackers

Hand Vices

Hand Wire Brushes

Handheld Torches

Handheld Vacuums

Handle Grips

Handle Nuts & Bolts

Handle Wrenches

Handlebar Bolts

Handles & Wedges



Handy Files

Harling Trowels

Harry Blades

Hasp & Staples

Hatz Air Filters

Hatz Fuel Filters

Hatz Parts

Hatz Service Kits


Hayter & Murray Parts

Hayter Belts

Hayter Blades

Hayter Cables

Hayter Clutches

Head & Face Protection


Heat Guns


Heavy-Duty Tackers

Hedge Shears

Hedge Trimmers

Hedgetrimmer Grease

Hedgetrimmer Parts

Hex Head Bolts

Hexagon Key Sets

Hexagon Keys

Hexagonal Nuts

Hi-Visibility Clothing

Hilti Air Filters

Hinge & Specialists Jigs

Hinge - Boring Bits

Hinges & Brackets

Hitachi Batteries & Chargers

Hoes, Weeders & Cultivators

Hog Ring Fencing Pliers

Home Security & Door Entry Systems

Home Security Cameras

Home Security Lighting

Honda Air Filters

Honda Bearings

Honda Belts

Honda Blades

Honda Cables

Honda Carburettor Repair Kit

Honda Carburettors

Honda Clutches

Honda Crankshafts

Honda Fuel Caps

Honda Fuel Filters

Honda Fuel Tanks

Honda Ignition Coils

Honda Oil Filters

Honda Piston Assemblies

Honda Piston Rings

Honda Primer Bulbs

Honda Recoil Assemblies

Honda Recoil Handles

Honda Recoil Handles

Honda Recoil Pawls

Honda Recoil Repair Kits

Honda Recoil Springs

Honda Service Kits

Honda Wheels

Hook & Eye Masonry Fixings

Hook Wrenches

Hop Ups

Hose Guns

Hose Reels, Carts & Guides


Household Cleaning Consumables

Household Fixings

HSS Jobber, Twist Drills for Metal

Husqvarna & Partner Belts

Husqvarna & Partner Wheels

Husqvarna Air Filters

Husqvarna Bearings

Husqvarna Blades

Husqvarna Cables

Husqvarna Carburettor Repair Kit

Husqvarna Carburettors

Husqvarna Clutches

Husqvarna Crankshafts

Husqvarna Cylinder Assemblies

Husqvarna Diaphragms & Gaskets

Husqvarna Engine Rebuild Kits

Husqvarna Fuel Caps

Husqvarna Fuel Filters

Husqvarna Ignition Coils

Husqvarna Oils

Husqvarna Piston Assemblies

Husqvarna Piston Rings

Husqvarna Primer Bulbs

Husqvarna Recoil Assemblies

Husqvarna Recoil Handles

Husqvarna Recoil Handles

Husqvarna Recoil Pulleys

Husqvarna Recoil Springs

Husqvarna Service Kits

Husqvarna Spark Plugs

Hydraulic Filters

Hydraulic Hoses & Fittings

Ignition Coils

Ignition Parts

Ignition Parts

Ignition System

Ignition System

Impact Driver Sets

Impact Drivers - Cordless

Impact Wrenches - Cordless

Impact Wrenches - Mains Powered


Industrial Cyanoacrylate Adhesives

Industrial Gasketing

Industrial Retaining Adhesives

Industrial Roof Ladders

Industrial Structural Adhesives

Ingersoll Rand Air Filters

Ingersoll Rand Fuel Filters

Inline Primer Pumps

Inner Tubes

Inspection Cameras

Insulated Sockets & Spanners

Insulation & Plastic Cutting Saws

Irwin Holesaws & Arbors

Irwin Sabre Saws Blades for Metal

Irwin Sabre Saws Blades for Wood

Irwin Screwdrivers

Irwin Specalist Sabre Saws Blades

Iseki Air Filters

Iseki Blades

Iseki Fuel Filter

Iseki Oil Filters

Iseki Parts

ITL Insulated Screwdrivers

Jackets & Gilets

Jetcem Cement & Repair Products

Jewellers & Instrument Screwdrivers

Jigsaw Blade Set


Jigsaws - Cordless

John Deere Air Filters

John Deere Bearings

John Deere Belts

John Deere Blades

John Deere Oil Filters

John Deere Parts

Jonsered Parts

Jonsered Recoil Springs

Jonsered Service Kits

Jubilee Clips & Hose Clips

Junction Boxes

Junior Saws, Mini Hacksaws & Blades

Kaaz Cables

Kawasaki Air Filters

Kawasaki Cables

Kawasaki Carburettors

Kawasaki Clutches

Kawasaki Diaphragms & Gaskets

Kawasaki Fuel Caps

Kawasaki Fuel Filter

Kawasaki Oil Filters

Kawasaki Parts

Kawasaki Primer Bulbs

Kawasaki Recoil Assemblies

Kawasaki Recoil Springs

Kawasaki Service Kits

Key Rings

Key Safes & Cash Boxes

Key Steel

Keyed Cable & Bike Locks

Keyring & Pocket Torches

King Pin Lock

Kitchen & Bathroom Sealants

Knee Pads

Knives - Chisel

Knives - Filling

Knives - Putty

Knives - Stripping


Kohler Air Filters

Kohler Carburettor Repair Kit

Kohler Fuel Filters

Kohler Ignition Coils

Kohler Oil Filters

Kohler Parts

Kohler Recoil Assemblies

Kohler Service Kits

Kubota Air Filters

Kubota Blades

Kubota Fuel Filters

Kubota Oil Filters

Kubota Parts

Kubota Service Kits

Kubota Wheels

Label Makers

Ladder Accessories

Laminate Cutters

Laminate Trimmer

Landscape Rakes

Laser Accessories

Laser Levels - Automatic Rotation

Laser Levels - Point / Cross Line

Laser Levels - Point / Spot

Lath Hammers

Lawn & Grass Shears

Lawn & Leaf Rakes

Lawnmower Parts


Lawnrakers & Sweepers


Leader Wrenches

Lennox Holesaws

Lennox Sabre Saw Blades

Level Bags

Lever Clamps

Light Switches

Lightning Bolts

Line Blocks

Line Marking Paint & Applicators

Line Of Chords

Line Pins

Line, Pocket & Post Levels

Lino Knife

Lister Petter

Lister Petter Air Filters

Lister Petter Fuel Filters

Lister Petter Oil Filters

Litter Pickers


Locking Clamps

Locking Pliers

Lockout Cables

Lockout Hasps

Lockout Kits

Lockout Padlocks

Loft Ladders

Lombardini Air Filters

Lombardini Fuel Filters

Loncin Air Filters

Loncin Carburettors

Loncin Ignition Coil

Loncin Parts

Loncin Recoil Assemblies

Loncin Spark Plugs

Long Reach / Giraffe Sanders

Loppers - Anvil

Loppers - Bypass

Lost Head Nails

Lubricating Sprays & Oils

Lynch Pin

Machine Covers

Machine Parts

Machine Screws

Magnesium Float

Mains Power Cables

Mains Testers & Screw Grip

Maintenance Products

Makita Air Filters

Makita Belts

Makita Carburettor Repair Kit

Makita Carburettors

Makita Clutches

Makita Cylinder Assemblies

Makita Fuel Filters

Makita Parts

Makita Piston Assemblies

Makita Piston Rings

Makita Recoil Assemblies

Makita Recoil Handles

Makita Recoil Handles

Makita Recoil Pulleys

Makita Recoil Spring

Makita Service Kits


Mantis Carburettors

Mantis Diaphragms & Gaskets

Manure Forks and Hay Forks


Marking Gauges

Marking Knives

Maruyama, Oleo Mac, Zenoah hedgetrimmer Blades

Masking Tape

Masks Non PPE

Masonry Drill Bits

Masonry Fixings

Masonry Nails

Masport, Morrison & Rover Wheels

MC 300 Li (2020)

MC 340 Li (2020)

MC 380 Li (2020)

McCulloch Air Filters

McCulloch Belts

McCulloch Carburettor Repair Kit

McCulloch Carburettors

McCulloch Cylinder Assemblies

McCulloch Fuel Caps

McCulloch Fuel Filters

McCulloch Ignition Coils

McCulloch Parts

McCulloch Primer Bulbs

McCulloch Recoil Springs

McCulloch Service Kits

Measuring Rods

Mechanic & Fitters Vices

Merry Tiller Belts

Metabo Batteries & Chargers

Metal Blades - Flymo

Metal Blades - Other Brands

Metal Blades - Spacers

Metal Cut Off Discs

Metal Grinding Discs

Metal Shears and Nibblers

Metal, Power, Joist & Stud Detectors

Meteor Cylinders Assemblies

Meteor Piston Assemblies

Meteor Piston Assemblies (For WAR TEC Platinum Cylinders)

MFT 1100 S (2018)

MFT 1100 S (2019)

Mickey Pin Nails


Microwave Leak Detector

Midget & Margin Trowels

MIG Welding Equipment

Millenicut Files

Millsaw Files

Milwaukee Batteries & Chargers

Milwaukee Sabre Saw Blades

Miniature Woodworking Tools

Mirror Screws


Miscellaneous Air Filters

Miscellaneous PPE

Miscellaneous Screwdriver Brand

Mitox Diaphragms & Gaskets

Mitre Blades

Mitre Boxes & Blocks

Mitre Saw Accessories

Mitsubishi Air Filters

Mitsubishi Fuel Caps

Mixed & Multi-Material Drill Bits

Mixer & Rotary Drills

Mixing Boards

Mixing Paddles

Modules & Tool Tray System

Mole Control


Morse Taper Arbors & Drill Sleeves

Mortar Rakes

Mortice & Combination Gauges

Mortice Deadlocks - Euro Cylinder

Mortice Deadlocks 3 Lever

Mortice Deadlocks 5 Lever

Mortice Latches

Mortice Sashlocks - 2 Lever

Mortice Sashlocks - 3 Lever

Mortice Sashlocks - 5 Lever

Mortice Sashlocks - Euro Cylinder

Mortice Sashlocks - Internal Use

Moth Clothes Care

Mountfield & Stiga Belts

Mountfield & Stiga Cables

Mountfield & Stiga Clutches

Mountfield Air Filters

Mountfield Bearings

Mountfield Blades

Mountfield Carburettors

Mountfield Fuel Caps

Mountfield Fuel Tanks

Mountfield HP42 (2020) - 2L0431048/M19 Petrol Mower Parts

Mountfield Ignition Coils

Mountfield Primer Bulbs

Mountfield Recoil Assemblies

Mountfield Recoil Handles

Mountfield Recoil Handles

Mountfield Recoil Pawls

Mountfield Recoil Pulleys

Mountfield Recoil Springs

Mountfield Service Kits

Mountfield Spark Plugs

Mountfield Wheels

Mouse Sanding Accessories

Mower & Chain Sharpeners

Mower Parts

MTD & Lawnflite Belts

MTD & Lawnflite Blades

MTD Air Filters

MTD Carburettors

MTD Clutches

MTD Oil Filters

MTD Parts

MTF 500 (2018)

Muck Buckets & Builders Tubs

Multi Purpose/ Lithium Grease

Multi Tool Accessories

Multi-Function Tool

Multi-Point Locks

Multi-Purpose Combination Ladders

Multi-Purpose Discs

Multi-Purpose Screws

Multi-Purpose Sealants

Multi-purpose Vices

Multi-Sharpᆴ Tool Sharpeners

Multi-Tool Accessories

Multi-Tool Pliers


Multitool - Rotary Tool


Nail & Staple Guns

Nail Pullers

Needle Files

Netting Staples

New In!

NGK Parts

Night Lights

Nightlatches - Front Door Locks

Nitrile Gloves

Non Return Valves

Non-Ratcheting Screwdrivers

Nut Splitters


Nylon & Plastic Hammers

Oil Cans

Oil Cans & Spouts

Oil Drip Trays

Oil Filters

Oil Pumps


Optical Level

Orbital Sanders 1/2 Sheet

Orbital Sanders 1/3 Sheet

Orbital Sanders 1/4 Sheet

Oregon Oils

Oregon Products


Outdoor Knives

Outdoor Weather Ready Fittings

Oval Head Nails


Packing Tape

Padlock & Tower Bolts

Pads for Stone Finishing

Padsaws & Blades

Paint Kettles

Paint Stripper - Powered

Paint Strippers & Graffiti Removers

Paint, Floor & Wall Scrapers

Panel Pins

Pansar Blades & Holders

Paperhanging Brushes

Partner Air Filters

Partner Bearings

Partner Cylinder Assemblies

Partner Diaphragms & Gaskets

Partner Parts

Partner Piston Assemblies

Partner Piston Rings

Partner Recoil Assemblies

Partner Recoil Springs

Partner Service Kits

Parts Storage

Paslode Parts

Paslode Service Kits

Paste Brushes

Patio & Drive Clean & Seal

Patio Brushes

Peerless Transaxles

Pendant & Lamp Holders

Petrol Engine & Other Spares

Pick Up Tools & Inspection Mirrors

Pin Chucks - Vices

Pipe & Thread Cutters - Cordless

Pipe Clips

Pipe Wrenches

Piston Assemblies

Piston Rings

Planer - Accessories & Blades

Planer Thicknessers

Planers - Cordless

Planers - Mains Powered

Plant Feeds

Plasterboard Fixings

Plasterboard Nails

Plasterers & Finishing Trowels

Plastic & Leather Adhesives

Plastic & Nylon Wall Plugs

Plastic Blades

Plastic Floats

Platform Brooms

Platform Steps

Plier Sets

Plier Stapler

Plug Cutters & Screw Diggers

Plugs & Sockets

Plumb Bobs

Plumbing & Heating Consumables

Plunge Saws

PMA Products

Pneumatic Accessories

Podiums and Work Platforms

Pointing & Grouting Guns

Pointing Trowels



Polishing Bars

Polishing Consumables

Postform & Kitchen Jigs

Powered Mortar Rakes & Wall Chasers

Powered Paint Rollers

Powersaw Blades

Pressure Washer Accessories

Pressure Washers

Primer / Undercoat Paints & Sprays

Profile Gauges

Pruning Saws

Pull Saws & Blades

Pumps, Tyre Depth & Pressure Gauges

Push-up Extension Ladders


PVA Adhesives

Qualcast Blades

Qualcast Recoil Handles

Qualcast Recoil Handles

R Clips

Rack Clamps

Radial Arm Saws

Radiator & Heat Paint & Sprays

Rain & Wet Suits

Rally Parts

Random Orbital Sanders

Ratchet Handles

Ratchet Screwdrivers


Rebate Kits

Rechargable Batteries

Reciprocating & Sabre Saws

Reciprocating & Sabre Saws Cordless

Recoil & Starter Parts

Recoil Handles & Ropes

Recoil Handles & Ropes

Recoil Miscellaneous Parts

Recoil Starter Cups

Recoil Starter Retaining Nuts/ Bolts

Recoil Starters & Parts

Recoils & Parts

Red Fluid Grease

Replacement Chains

Replacement Cylinders & Pulls


Revolving Punch Pliers

Rewind Starter

Rewind Starter

Rigid & Modesty Blocks

Rim Locks

Rivet Set (Set & Snap)

Riveters & Rivets

Road Wheels & Track Measure

Robin Air Filters

Robin Carburettors

Robin Fuel Filters

Robin Ignition Coil

Robin Primer Bulbs

Robin Recoil Assemblies

Rocker Cover Gaskets

Rodent Control Baits & Chemicals

Rodent Control Electronic

Rodent Control Traps

Rolls Of Fuel Pipe

Roof Seal & Bitumen Products

Roofers & Slaters Hammers

Roofers & Slaters Tools

Roofing Bolts

Roofing Screws

Roofing Squares

Rope Cutters

Ropes & Twines

Rotary Core Drills

Rotary Drills

Rotary Rasps

Rotary Tool Accessories

Roughneck Safety Footwear

Roughneck Screwdrivers

Round Files

Round Head Nails

Router Bit Sets


Rover Bearings

Rover Belts

Rover Blades

Rover Cables

Rover Parts

Rubber / Soft Hammers

Rubble & Bin Bags

Rules - Aluminium

Rules - Chrome

Rules - Rustless

Rules - Safety

Rules - Stainless Steel

Rules - Wooden & Plastic Folding

Rust Remover & Protection

Ryobi Air Filters

Ryobi Batteries & Chargers

Ryobi Cables

Ryobi Carburettor Repair Kit

Ryobi Carburettors

Ryobi Clutches

Ryobi Diaphragms & Gaskets

Ryobi Fuel Caps

Ryobi Fuel Filters

Ryobi Fuel Tanks

Ryobi Ignition Coils

Ryobi Parts

Ryobi Piston Rings

Ryobi Primer Bulbs

Ryobi Recoil Assemblies

Ryobi Recoil Handles

Ryobi Recoil Handles

Ryobi Recoil Pulleys

Ryobi Recoil Spring

Ryobi Service Kits

Ryobi Sets

S42HP Li

S42R HP Li

Sabre Saw Blades

Sachs Dolmar Ignition Coils


Safety Equipment & Harnesses

Safety Glasses

Safety Goggles

Safety Helmets

Safety Knives

Safety Posters

Safety Shields

Safety, Warning & Barrier Tapes

Sand Paper - Aluminium Oxide Cloth

Sand Paper - Aluminium Oxide Floor Sanding

Sand Paper - Aluminium Oxide Paper

Sand Paper - Emery Cloth

Sand Paper - Glasspaper

Sand Paper - Silicon Carbide Finishing

Sand Paper - Wet & Dry

Sander Stand

Sanders - Cordless

Sanding Belts

Sanding Cloth Coils

Sanding Pads, Blocks & Sponges

Sanding Sealers

Sanitary Fixings

Sarp Blades

Sash Clamps

Saw Horses, Roller Stands & Trestles

Saw Knives & Blades

Saw Tooth & Lip & Spur Bits

Scaffold Spanners

Scaffold Towers


Scaling & Chipping Hammers

Scan Footwear

Scarifier Blades

Scissor Sharpeners


Scratch Brushes

Screenwash & De-Icers

Screw Clamps

Screw Cup Sockets & Washers

Screw Extractors & Bolt Grips

Screw Eyes

Screw Hooks

Screwdrivers - Cordless

Screwdrivers - Mains Powered

Scroll Saws

Scutch Hammers

Scythe Stones & Rubbing Bricks

Scythes & Grass Hooks

SDS Drills - Cordless

SDS Max & Hex Demolition Hammers

SDS Max Drill Bits

SDS Max Midsize Hammers

SDS Plus Drill Bits

SDS Plus Hammer Drills

Sealant Cleaner & Tools

Sealant, Mastic & Skeleton Guns

Sealer Paint & Stain Blocks

Seam Rollers

Seaming Tool

Secateurs - Anvil

Secateurs - Bypass

Secateurs - Sharpeners

Secure Hazardous Storage

Secure In-Vehicle Storage

Secure Site Storage

Security Chains

Seed Trays & Propagators

Self-Tapping Screws


Senco Batteries & Charges

Service Kits

Set Screws

Shave Hooks

Shaver Unit

Shed & Fence Treatment


Shoe Knives

Short Blocks




Shrubbers & Cultivators

Signs Hazard Warning Mini

Signs Mandatory Large

Signs: Fire Extinguisher & Equipment

Signs: Fire Safety & Safe Condition

Signs: General

Signs: Hazard Warning Large

Signs: Mandatory Small

Signs: Mini

Signs: No Smoking & Prohibition

Silver Steel

Silverline Padlocks & Cables

Single Ladders

Single Plug

Site Lighting & Portable Lights

Site Saws

Skin Safety Cradle


Sledge Hammers

Sleeve Anchor Fixings

Sliding Bevels

Small Electronic Batteries

Small Tools

Smoke & Carbon Detectors

Snapper Belts

Socket Clip Rails Trays & Clips

Socket Holders

Socket Screws

Sockets Switched & Unswitched


Soldering Guns

Soldering Irons

Soldering Stands


Spanners - Combination Imperial

Spanners - Combination Metric

Spanners - Combination Sets

Spanners - Flared Nut

Spanners - Open End Imperial

Spanners - Open End Sets

Spanners - Open Ended Metric

Spanners - Podgers

Spanners - Ratchet Head

Spanners - Ring Imperial

Spanners - Ring Metric

Spares & Accessories

Spark Plug Caps

Spark Plug Caps

Spark Plug Caps

Spark Plug Shroud Caps

Spark Plug Sockets

Spark Plug Spanners

Specialist Electricians Tools

Specialist Flooring Tools

Specialist Knives

Specialist Mechanics Tools

Specialist Products

Specialist Rod Sets

Specialist Sealants

Specialists Treatments

Speciality Line

Spill Clean Up Kits

Spindle Pads & Abrasives

Spindle Tapers

Split Head Hammers

Splitting Axes & Mauls

Splitting Wedges


Sponge & Rubber Floats

Spool & Lines - Black & Decker

Spool & Lines - Bosch & Qualcast

Spool & Lines - Flymo

Spool & Lines - Other Brands

Spool & Lines - Ryobi

Spools, Lines & Caps

Spray Adhesives

Spray Guns

Spray Lances


Spring Clamps

Spring Head Nails




Sprue Cutter

Square Files

Staircase Lock & Letter Box Jigs

Stanley Screwdrivers


Starrett Holesaws & Arbors

Starter Motors

Starter Motors & Parts

Starter Rope Cut Lengths

Starter Rope Cut Lengths

Steam Cleaners & Floor Polishers

Steel & Wire Wool

Steering Wheel Locks


Step Drills & Bradrads

Stick Clipped Head Nailer & Nails

Stick Roundhead Nailers & Nails

Stiga Blades

Stiga Fuel Caps



Stihl Air Filters

Stihl Auger Parts

Stihl Bearings

Stihl Belts

Stihl Blower Parts

Stihl Brushcutter Parts

Stihl Cables

Stihl Carburettor Repair Kit

Stihl Carburettors

Stihl Chainsaw Parts

Stihl Clutches

Stihl Crankshafts

Stihl Cylinder Assemblies

Stihl Diaphragms & Gaskets

Stihl Disc Cutter Parts

Stihl Elastostart Ropes

Stihl Elastostart Starter Ropes

Stihl Engine Rebuild Kits

Stihl Fuel Caps

Stihl Fuel Filters

Stihl Fuel Tanks

Stihl Hedgetrimmer Blades

Stihl Hedgetrimmer Parts

Stihl Ignition Coils

Stihl Kombi Parts

Stihl Nylon Line

Stihl Oil Filters

Stihl Oils

Stihl Piston Assemblies

Stihl Piston Rings

Stihl Primer Bulbs

Stihl Recoil Assemblies

Stihl Recoil Handles

Stihl Recoil Handles

Stihl Recoil Pawls

Stihl Recoil Pulleys

Stihl Recoil Repair Kits

Stihl Recoil Springs

Stillson Wrenches

Stitch & Calico Mops

Stone Cut Off Discs

Stone Grinding Discs

Strap Tool

Strap Wrenches

Strimmer Cutting Lines


Superglue Removers

Support with Guard

Surface - Partition & Back Boxes

Surform Planes

Surveyors Rods

Swimming Pool Trowel

Swingback Steps

Swiss Army Knives

Swiss Army Knives with Locking Blade

Swiss Army Pen Knife Accessories

Swiss Army Small Pocket Knives




Switches & Keys

Swivel Bases for Vices

T Bar Clamps

T Shank Blades - Metal

T Shank Blades - Wood

T Shank Diamond-Ceramic Blades

T Shank Laminated Blades

T-Shirts, Sweatshirts & Hoodies

Table Saws

Table Vices

Tack Cloths

Tack Lifter

Tack, Jewellers & Upholstery Hammers

Takeuchi Filters

Takeuchi Fuel Filters

Takeuchi Oil Filters

Takeuchi Parts

Takeuchi Service Kits

Tanaka Air Filters

Tanaka Parts

Tank Housing

Tank Housing

Taper Drills

Tapes - Diameter, Marking & Dipping

Taps & Dies


Taurus & Silverline Clutches

Taurus, Silverline Ignition Coils

Tecumseh Air Filters

Tecumseh Carburettors

Tecumseh Diaphragms & Gaskets

Tecumseh Fuel Caps

Tecumseh Fuel Filters

Tecumseh Ignition Coils

Tecumseh Parts

Tecumseh Primer Bulbs

Tecumseh Recoil Assemblies

Tecumseh Recoil Repair Kits

Tecumseh Recoil Spring

Tecumseh Service Kits

Telescopic Ladders

Teng Screwdrivers

Tenon Saws

Terminal Connectors & Fuses

Thermometers and Hygrometers

Thinners & Brush Cleaners

Thread Repair Kits & Helicoils

Thread Restoring

Threaded Inserts

Threaded Rods


Three Square Files

Through Bolts

Throwaway Knives


Tile & Grout Adhesives

Tile Cutters - Flat Bed

Tile Cutters - Hand

Tile Cutters - Powered

Tile Files

Tile Jigsaw Blades

Tile Kits

Tile Marking Pencils

Tile Plastic Trim Cutter

Tile Saws

Tile Scorers

Tile Setting Trowels

Tile Spacers

Tile Wash & Clean Up Kits

Tiling, Mastic & Adhesive Trowels

Tillotson Carburettor Repair Kit

Tillotson Diaphragms & Gaskets

Timber Fixing & Decking Screws


TiN Coated & Cobalt Jobber Drills


TK Diaphragms & Gaskets

Toggle Clamps

Tool Bags

Tool Cases

Tool Chests

Tool Clips

Tool Holders

Tool Pouches & Work Belts

Toolbox Saws

Toolboxes - Metal

Toolboxes - Mobile

Toolboxes - Plastic


Toolmakers Clamps

Torch Parts

Torch Spark Plugs

Toro Belts

Toro Parts

Torpedo, Scaffold & Boat Levels

Torque Screwdrivers

Torque Wrenches

Torx Key Sets

Torx Keys

Torx Screws

Tote Bags

Tow Balls & Drop Hitches

Tow Ropes & Safety Cones

Town & Country Footwear

Tractor Seats

Traffic Film Remover

Trammel Heads


Transmission Filters

Transmission Oils

Travel Adaptors

Trigger / Ratchet Clamps

Trimmer Line

Trimmer Spools

Trimming Knife Blades

Trimming Knives - Fixed Blade

Trimming Knives - Folding

Trimming Knives - Retractable



Trowel Sets


Try & Mitre Squares

TS350, TS360 Parts

TS400 Service Kits

TS410 Service Kits


Twist Nails

Two Stroke Mixing Bottles

Tyre Sealant


U & D Shackle Bike Locks

Ultrasonic Cleaners & Accessories

UNION Padlocks

Universal Bearings

Universal Blades - Assorted

Universal Blades - Metal

Universal Blades - Wood

Universal Cables

Universal Fixing Plug

Universal Fuel Filters

Universal Piston Rings

Universal Plastic & Metal Wheels

Universal Recoil Handles

Universal Recoil Handles

uPVC Cleaners

Utility Detectors

Vacuums (Wet & Dry)

Valeting Consumables

Valve Lockouts

Valves & Valve Caps


VELCROᆴ Brand Tape

Veneer Pins

Veneer Saws

Vice Jaws & Fibre Grips

Victa Air Filters

Victa Blades

Viking Belts

Viking Blades

Viking Parts

Vine Eyes

Voltage Testers

Wacker Air Filters

Wacker Belts

Wacker Carburettors

Wacker Clutches

Wacker Cylinder Assemblies

Wacker Diaphragms & Gaskets

Wacker Ignition Coils

Wacker Parts

Wacker Piston Assemblies

Wacker Recoil Assemblies

Walbro Carburettor Repair Kit

Walbro Diaphragms & Gaskets

Walbro Fuel Filters

Walbro Primer Bulbs

Wallpaper & Border Paste

Wallpaper Scissors

Wallpaper Strippers & Steamers

Wallpaper Stripping Accessories

War Tec

War Tec

War Tec Oils

WAR TEC Platinum Air Filters

WAR TEC Platinum Cylinder Assemblies

WAR TEC Platinum Recoils & Accessories

WAR TEC Platinum Rope

WAR TEC Platinum Strimmer Line

Warding Files

Warning Decals

Warrington & Joiners Hammers


Water & Submersible Pumps

Water Attachment

Water Bottles

Water Butt Treatment

Water Levels

Water Pumps

Water Seals

Waterproof Tape

Waterpump, Multi & Slip Joint Pliers

Wax Brushes & Accessories


Web Stretcher

Webb Belts

Webb Cables

Weed Killers


Welding Accessories

Welding Vices

Wera Screwdrivers Chiseldriver 900 Series

Wera Screwdrivers Kompakt Sets

Wera Screwdrivers Kraftform Comfort Series

Wera Screwdrivers Kraftform Plus 300 Series

Wera Screwdrivers Kraftform Plus Stainless Steel

Wera Screwdrivers VDE

Wera Screwdrivers VDE Kompakt Sets

Westwood Blades

Wet Room Tanking


White Grease

Wide Crown Staplers

Window & Glass Scrapers

Window - Tuck Pointers

Window Cleaning

Window Handles

Window Locks - Suitable for Metal Frames

Window Locks - Suitable for Patio / Sliding Doors

Window Locks - Suitable for PVCu Frames

Window Locks - Suitable for Wooden Frames

Wing Nuts

Wire Brush Heads & Handles

Wire Hangers

Wire Strippers

Wood & Horse Rasps

Wood Adhesives

Wood Carving Tools

Wood Chisels

Wood Dyes

Wood Floor & Furniture Treatment

Wood Lathe Accessories

Wood Screws

Wood Turning Tools

Wooden Floats

Woodstains & Wood Preservers

Woodwork Vices

Woodworm Treatment

Work & Inspection Lights

Work Aprons

Workbenches & Workmates

Workshop & Surface Cleaning

Worktop Clamps

Yale Padlocks

Yanmar Air Filters

Yanmar Fuel Caps

Yanmar Fuel Filters

Yanmar Fuel Tanks

Yanmar Oil Filters

Yanmar Parts

Yanmar Recoil Assemblies

Yanmar Recoil Handles

Yanmar Recoil Handles

Yanmar Recoil Spring

Yanmar Service Kits

Zama Carburettor Repair Kit

Zama Diaphragms & Gaskets

Zama Primer Bulbs

Zeus Charts

Zip Tools