7942 Genuine Stihl 12" 30cm 1/4" 043" Guide Bar Fits MSA160T, HT101 (A074)

Genuine Stihl part suitable for the following models:


MSA120, MSA140, MSA160, MSA160T

Pole Pruners

HT56, HT100, HT101, HT103, HT130, HT131, HT133, HTA65, HTA85


Bar Length: 12” 30cm
Bar Type: Sprocket Nose
Chain Gauge: .043” (1.1mm)
Chain Pitch: 3/8”
Bar Mount: Oregon A074 Carlton 26
Takes 64 drive links


Please see our part number 4603-93 for the corresponding chain.


GHS Part No. 7942
REPLACES OEM 3005 008 3405

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