Replacement parts suitable for the following makes & models:


One 102YH, A102HG

Castel Garden/ Lawnking/ Sovereign/ Twincut

PT135 HD, PT150 HD, PT170 HD, PT190 HD, TC102, TC122, TCB16-102H, TCB102, TCB122, TCP102, TCP122, TCR102, TCR122, TCS15.5-102H, TCS17.5-102H, TCS102, TCS122, TCV16.5-102H, TCX102, TCX122, XHX23V 4WD, XHX24, XHX240, XT170 HD, XT175 HD, XT190 HD, XT200 HD, XT220 HD, XX220 HD


HF2213 K0 - K3 series

HF2216 K0, K1 series

HF2218 K0 - K2 series

HF2220 K0, K1 series

HF2415 SBE

HF2417 K0 - K2 series

HF2620 K0, K1 series


1440M, 1440H, 1540M, 1540H, 1640H, 1740H, 2040H, 2048H, 2248H


Estate Pro 20, Pro 22, Royal, Royal 19, Royal Pro 17


MT740, MT745, MT780, MT785, MT790, MT795


GHS Part No. 7832
REPLACES OEM 382207200/1, 382207201/2, 80542-VK1-003, 80543-VK1-003, Viking 6151 700 3500, 6151 700 3505

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