4137 711 2101 Genuine Stihl Drive Tube Plug

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ST4137 711 2101
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Genuine Stihl part suitable for the following models;

BC-KM, BF-KM, FBD-KM, FC83, FC85, FC95, FC96, FC110, FC111, FCS-KM, FH75, FH-KM0-90, FH-KM135, FH-KM145, FR85, FR85T, FR130T, FR131T, FR220, FR235, FR350, FR410C, FR450, FR460TC, FR460TCEM, FR480, FS25-4, FS26C, FS26RC, FS26SC, FS55T, FS65-4, FS80, FS80R, FS83, FS83R, FS83T, FS85, FS85R, FS85RX, FS85T, FS87, FS87R, FS89, FS89R, FS90, FS90R, FS91, FS91R, FS100, FS100R, FS110, FS111, FS111R, FS120, FS120 2-Mix, FS120R, FS120R 2-Mix, FS130, FS130R, FS131, FS131R, FS200, FS200R, FS235, FS235R, FS240, FS240C, FS240R, FS250, FS250R, FS260R, FS260RC, FS460RCEM, FSA130, FSA130R, FS-KM, FS-MM, FT100, FT250, HL45, HL56, HL73, HL73K, HL75, HL75K, HL90K, HL91KC, HL92C, HL92KC, HL94C, HL94KC, HL95, HL95K, HL100, HL100K, HL-KM0, HL-KM0-90, HL-KM135, HL-KM145, HL-KM30, HT56C, HT70, HT70K, HT100, HT101, HT102, HT130, HT131, HT132, HT250, HTE60, HT-KM, KA85R, KA120, KA120R, KA250, KB-KM, KM55, KM55C, KM55R, KM55RC, KM56C, KM56RC, KM85, KM85R, KM90, KM90R, KM91R, KM94RC, KM100, KM100R, KM110R, KM111R, KM130, KM130R, KM131, KM131R, KMA130R, KR85, KW85, KW-KM, PC70, RG-KM, SP20, SP81, SP90, SP90T, SP90T, SP92C, SP92TC, SP-KM

Product Specifications

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Show Reference No
Unit of Sale 1
Lead Time Available in 3-7 working days
Manufacturer Stihl
OEM No. 4137 711 2101
Fits Brands Stihl
Part Type Genuine Part
Cross References 4137 711 2101


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